Monday, May 16, 2016

New ultra-customisable paper minis: The Brotherhood!

 An impassioned monk delivers an emphatic sermon to his brothers!
(Scenery sold separately)

Any well-developed fantasy world is bound to be packed with hundreds of religious orders and cults.  This set of 6 customisable high-quality paper miniatures is designed to allow you to easily create the devoted followers of virtually any cult or holy order you can imagine!

Get The Brotherhood set  at Papercraft Dungeon!

 The set includes monks/cultists in these 6 poses, along with a massive amount of optional details and a wide colour pallette to choose from, allowing you to create the members of virtually any cult you can imagine!

There are many different ways to use these guys in your games!

  A group of Necromancers unleash a burning army of Skeletons upon the adventurers!
(Necromancers made with this set, other figures and scenery sold separately)

   The vicious Snake Cult attacks some innocent monks!
(Cultists and Monks made with this set, other figures and scenery sold separately)

The figures are scaled to 28mm, and will look good alongside most popular brands of miniatures and all manner of 28mm scaled scenery. Each model has a distinctive front and back, and both sides feature rich and gorgeous detail. The detail is boosted by the high resolution of the PDF, and the colours have good contrast to make them pop at a distance!

The models are designed with removable, interchangeable bases. This allows you to store the figures flat when not in use.

Get The Brotherhood set  at Papercraft Dungeon!

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New Paper Minis set out now! A Night at the Tavern...

Some might say that the tavern is as important a setting as the dungeon in role-playing games... Indeed, many an adventure starts off in one, and more than a few end off in one. This new batch of paper minis was created to give life to encounters that take place in one of those interesting establishments!

Your tabletop tavern can now be home to a grouchy old innkeeper, 4 vivacious young barmaids and a rather imposing bouncer!

We're actually releasing two different editions of this set. The Basic Edition, which includes the 6 minis pictured above, has the nice, low price tag of only $1. There is also the Deluxe Edition which is customisable and offers an incredible amount of variety and diversity! In fact, there are almost half a million unique combinations meaning you could easily have a completely new set of employees at each tavern your party visits during their campaign!

Here we have just a small glimpse of the variety offered by the Deluxe edition:

That's just 4 out of ±78000 possible combinations for that barmaid!

The two editions of this set are available now on Papercraft Dungeon:

A Night at the Tavern (Basic edition)

A Night at the Tavern (Deluxe edition)

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New improved dungeon corridor tiles!

Had a small break from crushing deadlines and massive projects so I've sat down and put some effort into trying to wrap up some of the many work-in-progress sets on my hard drive. The first one out is a set that people have been asking me for for ages. All of our premium sets have this great variety of textures to choose from, and until now we've not had a set of corridors with the same feature. As you can see from the video below, that has been corrected!

The set contains 8 pages of layered PDF goodness allowing you to easily make all sorts of corridor tiles. There are millions of possible unique combinations!

The set's half price at Papercraft Dungeon. Go grab yourself a copy!
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