Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Kev's Lounge Paper Minis: Champions Series

We've started a Patreon page and have launched a new line of paper minis, the Champions Series!

What is this all about?
Minis are a wonderful tool to represent your character on a table top, and this fun new concept aims to take that to the next level! Rather than giving you a single mini in a dynamic, but fixed pose, we'll give you a kit containing the same character in a variety of poses so that you can use the appropriate mini for the encounter!

In each set, you'll find the character in the following poses:
• Battle pose
• Standing, at ease
• Seated
• Unconscious
• Mounted on a horse

You'll also get a mini of their horse, riderless, and you'll get a small portrait of the character that you can attach to your character sheet.

We've already released two characters, and there will be a third one coming out soon!
The Templar represents a human female fighter. Find out more and get a free paper mini

The Mage represents an elven male spellcaster. Find out more and get a free paper mini.

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1 comment:

ECW 40mm Project said...

Dear Sirs,
Loving your style and prices, preparing to download some fantasy figs.

With your skills and style, and Christmas coming, have been searching for some 2-3” tall Nutcracker Soldiers and Rat men / Rat king to take them on under the tree or on a table. Any thoughts on turning your talents to this? Granted, it may only sell heavily in fall, but it might sell heavily and broaden your client base, also?

Best Regards, Alex