Friday, January 30, 2009

Free Dungeon Corridor Tiles For Use With 25mm Miniatures

This set is now out of date. See the newly updated corridor tiles page for the fixed up set, now with twice as many pages.

This is our gift to all the roleplayers and wargamers who use miniatures in their games. These should be useful to anyone who uses 25mm miniatures in their games of Dungeons & Dragons, or Warhammer. These would be perfect for a subterranean variation of Mordheim when you get bored of fighting in broken down buildings.

The link below is the download link to a 3 page PDF. The intention with these is to quickly construct the immediate surrounds of a battle scene so you can position the various fighters in any given combat, so unless you are planning on building entire dungeons, you should be able to get by with 1 print out of each, but it's your ink, print as many as you want! If you have the space for it on your gaming table, you could print out whatever pieces you need and give them to the players as they explore, slowly building up a full size 1:60 map of your dungeon.

Page 1: 1 x Dungeon Corridor Crossroad tile, 1 x Dungeon Corridor Corner Tile, 1 x 40' Dungeon Corridor Section, 1 x Fissure Hazard, 1 x Blood Splat Token, 1 x Blazing Fire Hazard

Page 2: 2 x Dungeon Corridor T-Junction Tiles, 1 x 10' Dungeon Corridor Section, 1 x 20' Dungeon Corridor Section, 1 x 30' Dungeon Corridor Section

Page 3: 1 x 50' Dungeon Corridor Section, 4 x 20' Dungeon Corridor Sections

For best results turn off "shrink to fit page" when printing it out. This will keep each flagstone at an inch square, making each corridor 10' wide in 25mm scale. Use spray glue to attach it to thickish mounting board (2mm in thickness should do the trick) and cut out using a steel ruler and craft knife. Always use a sharp blade and be careful. For added longevity you may want to cover the tile in a self-adhesive plastic wrap, or seal it down with decoupage paper varnish.

Download Kev's Lounge: Flagstone Dungeon Corridor Tiles from Papercraft Dungeon!

This is just one set in a bigger collection. If you haven't already, you're going to want to download the Small Room Tiles, Bigger Room Tiles and Free Dungeon Huge Room Tiles. Follow the link for the instructions and download.

I have a lot more sets on their way, including sewers, narrow alley ways, larger rooms, and rooms with unusual shapes. I'm also working on a Natural Cave set for those spelunking goblin hunters among you, and a 3 dimensional alternative to the Door Markers. If there is anything you'd like to see, please let us know!
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