Sunday, April 26, 2009

An interesting (unofficial) expansion for Risk 2210AD

While there will always be a purist desire in me to play games the way they were meant to be played, every now and then I do find something made by a fan that succeeds in making the game a little more interesting. This downloadable make-your-own Risk 2210 AD expansion seems to be a collection of all the better fan made add-ons, and it definitely seems capable of bringing the excitement back to Risk 2210 AD by changing the game for the better.

It includes:
Antarctica (Unofficial Expansion): An extra continent, changing the dynamics of the map in interesting ways, and subject to destruction by the Global Warming command card, much like Atlantis in Risk:Godstorm. Originally put together by Geoff Burbidge.
Tech Command Deck (Avalon Hill Official Expansion): The original Tech expansion, adding a 6th commander with a new set of command cards, changing the dynamics of the game in a way that'll make you never again want to play without it. It contains all of the cards from the original Avalon Hill Frontline Season 2, but someone has gone and created brand new artwork and it looks great. You'll still need to make a tech commander yourself though.
Factions (Semi official): The original 6 factions from Frontline Season 3 plus 3 fan made ones. The Faction rules give each player special unique advantages and drawbacks, shaking up strategies and adding a lot more variety to games. All artwork on these was re-done by Geoff Burbidge
Majors (Official Expansion): The original 5 add-on Majors Cards, plus a 6th for the Tech Deck. All featuring amazing new artwork.
Commanders 2.0 (Unofficial Expansion): Adds even more depth to the commanders by allowing you to upgrade them to 2.0 versions in-game. 2.0 Commanders can play 2.0 command cards which are slightly more powerful than the standard decks. These were originally created by Geoff Burbidge, but seem to have been updated somewhat by Anton Klink.
Advanced Tech Cards (Unofficial Expansion): Adds relics (similar to the relics from Risk:Godstorm) that give players certain advantages upon discovering them.

On the whole this set looks and plays great! The artwork has been done superbly, and the graphic design matches seamlessly with Avalon Hill's. Even if you choose not to play the unofficial expansions, the Tech cards and Faction cards in this set are by far the best looking versions I've come across and it's worth a look.

Download Here. Found on Board Game Geeks at this thread.
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Anonymous said...

What do you think about the 7 different expansions for Risk 2210 AD offered by Insurgency Gaming? Have you played with any of them?

Bob said...

Any news on the Battle For America Risk 2210 AD expansion board? I heard about this on BGG and wanted to know if anyone knew any more about it???