Thursday, October 29, 2009

Modular Battle Tiles: Rocklands, Straights and Corners

Thought it may be time to get out of the dungeon and in to the open air! This is the first of several sets of modular tiles that assemble into a large battlemap for your outdoor battles in Dungeons and Dragons and other such roleplaying games that use miniatures for combat. They are scaled to work well with most popular brands of 25/28mm miniatures, so they may even be useful to players of Warhammer as a quick battle ground layout.

The Rocklands sets are designed to represent an outdoor area with barren sandy low ground and rocky high ground, but are also fantastic for representing natural caverns and tunnels that have a more organic shape than man made dungeons. This first set includes a set of straights and corners and includes transition pieces to link it up to the Kev's Lounge Dungeon Corridors. The second set in this series, Rocklands: Crosses and Tee-Junctions is out now! Look out for future sets which will add more options. It also includes the Kev's Lounge Starlinks system to keep the tiles together and in place.

This set comes in 2 varieties. The first has a 1 inch grid which is useful for Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Ed and 4th Ed combat rules, and the other version has no grid for those who use miniatures but prefer a more organic and natural movement system.

Download Kev's Lounge: Rocklands Set 1 from Papercraft Dungeon! It's free!

Combine with the Corridors, Huge Room Dungeon Tiles, Small Room Dungeon Tiles and Bigger Room Dungeon Tiles to add even more variety to your battles!

Dungeons and Dragons is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast. Warhammer is a trademark of Games Workshop. Used without permission. No challenge to their status is intended. Miniatures in photographs are for scale purposes only.
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Tony said...

Nice! This is a really nice set of tiles. I like that you include some pointers on making them modular for different layouts.

Lounge Lizard Kev said...

Thanks Tony... The second set is on it's way soon and that one will be even better and more useful!