Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Free Gold Coin Counters for D&D and other Fantasy RPGs

I'm sure you all remember my other counters designed to make it easier to keep track of gold in Dungeons and Dragons and other fantasy RPGs. This accessory is an add-on to the previous set of Gold Coin counters and adds denominations of 500 and 1000 Gold Coins, for those heroes that love carrying huge amounts of gold on their person at all times. To illustrate just how insane that sort of behaviour is, the tokens include accurate illustrations of piles of 500 and 1000 gold coins on them.

I've designed them in such a way as to make it very easy to get nice attractive double sided counters that are perfectly lined up. Single sided counters are a pain when they're upside down! I've also taken into account the fact that the tokens are pretty big, and to get away from having gigantic square tokens, I've given them an interesting octagonal shape.

You should only need one or two copies of the first page, but you may want to make several of the page full of 1000 Gold Coins tokens in case your party wins the lotto on their next quest. Got a similar add-on set for the Silver being worked on (amongst various other projects), and perhaps copper will come soon after that. Gotta say I feel really sorry for the party that has to walk around with enough copper pieces to actually need those though! How many of you want tokens for electrum pieces? They're kinda old school, but I'll make some if enough people want them. Leave a comment below!

Use the counters like you'd use Energy in Risk 2210, or money in Monopoly. The denominations are marked by size in addition to the printed detail so that you can tell them apart at a glance.

Download Kev's Lounge: 500 and 1000 Gold Coins Counters at Papercraft Dungeon

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