Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kev's Lounge Fantasy Scenics: The Humble Hovel out now!

The Humble Hovel is finally here! This is the first of a series of 3D papercraft buildings, excellent for tabletop wargame and RPGs using miniatures.

Buy The Humble Hovel at Papercraft Dungeon now!

• A detailed, beautiful and customisable 3d papercraft building

The set includes a layered PDF, which allows you to customise the end model.
3 x Wall Options x 3 Door options x 3 Window Options x 3 Roof Options x 2 Roof Strut Options x 3 Indoor Floor Options x 12 Outdoor Ground Options = 5832 unique possible combinations!

We've also added the option to add a 1 inch grid to the floor for those of you who use them, though you can leave it gridless for use in miniature wargames.

The roof and walls can be removed to provide easy access to the interior. The design is reinforced quite cleverly to add surprising strength and durability to the completed model.

• Bonus Furniture Pack

The set includes a bonus 3d Furniture Pack, this includes:
• A table and chairs
• 2 beds
• A shelf
• A chest

You can change the floor textures in the PDF to match the floors in your hovel, as well as making the furniture items completely compatible with every Kev's Lounge Dungeon Tile set released to date!

• Fully illustrated, easy to follow instructions

65 page instruction manual, in PDF format, optimised for screen view to save you ink, and bookmarked for easy navigation. Details every step of the process with clear, full colour illustrations.

Miniatures used in pictures are strictly for illustration purposes and are not included in the purchase. Photography by Bronwyn Sharrock Photography.

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F. Randall Farmer said...

I've been looking for a hovel with full detailing in and out - and this is it! You should post pictures of the detail inside the roof, for example. Wonderful.

Anyone out there put together cut-files yet? There's a LOT of pages in this model...

Terabine said...

Wow! Truely beautiful! The amount of work gone into these hovel's is amazing! Thankyou for uploading :D

Anonymous said...

so much detail. It's lovely