Friday, June 28, 2013

Kev's Lounge Dungeon Furniture Pack out now!

In the spirit of smaller sets like the Gothic Coffins, this set has foregone the dungeon tiles that usually make an appearance in our packs and has instead focused on a few pages packed with useful props and items with a bargain low price! This set has a focus on the kinds of common furniture that you'd expect to find in any area that's lived in, and can take an otherwise plain collection of rooms and turn it into a functional lair with beds where the inhabitants sleep, fires for them to cook their food and tables for them to eat at. The particular mix of elements here and the hundreds of possible combinations are not only great for making an inhabited dungeon, but would be perfect for furnishing even a very large tavern!

Get yourself a copy of Kev's Lounge Dungeon Furniture Pack now! Only $1.99

This incredibly useful set includes 4 pages, each covering a particular type of furniture. The set has a lot of options for customisation thanks to multiple layers, and the customisation is incredibly easy because it's all controlled by clickable buttons built into the PDF itself! There are 7 different floor textures to choose from, and several of the furniture pieces have their own customisation options, like the blankets on the bed. All this customisation allows for literally hundreds of unique options for some of the pieces, so to make things a little easier those pieces can be randomly customised at the click of a button.

What you'll find in the set:

Beds and carpets. The dormitory page includes a pair of beds with many multiple layers for the blanket combinations. Hundreds of unique beds can be created!


Chests. That classic staple of the genre! The loot's gotta be stored somewhere.

Sleeping mats for those not fortunate enough to have access to a bed. These make it very easy to set up a camp site. The set also includes a brand new crate cluster in the style of those seen in the Ominous Storeroom set. These are not only attractive, but they make for great barricades and obstacles for marksmen to seek cover behind

A nice mix of fires, from a simple campfire, to a cauldron of stew. There's also a pair of braziers to provide light and to add to the eerie mood of the dungeon.

Yes, that's a whole pig roasting away on a spit over a fire pit! Don't be intimidated by the complexity of the build... The model has multiple difficulty levels, so if you're not an expert at building complicated papercraft models, there are simpler versions in the PDF.

Folks need a place to eat their roast pork and stew so we've included a table and shelf to store their crockery. The table can have up to 4 chairs in a variety of positions. The chairs have two different designs to choose from, and their are a few possibilities for the table top clutter.

To help you build all these wonderful models, we've included a detailed fully illustrated instruction manual optimised for screen view. Every step is clearly depicted so that even a beginner will have no trouble getting great looking models at the end!

Get yourself a copy of Kev's Lounge Dungeon Furniture Pack now! Only $1.99

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