Saturday, January 4, 2014

The D12 Calendar Returns!


Last year we released a d12 calendar to ring in the new year and it was a tremendous success! This year we're bringing it back a whole lot better! This set is themed to the 4 classic elements - Fire, Earth, Water and Air - plus a fifth one: Life.

This downloadable papercraft kit allows you to make a d12 that's about 10cm or 4 inches in diameter. It doubles as a 2013 desk calendar, so it's got an excuse to sit on your office desk in case you ever need to work out how much damage your barbarian's great axe would deal in the middle of a week day afternoon!

This free set, which I mostly made just for fun, also includes some cool bonuses:
• A really nifty customisable paper mini: This one's a flirtatious barmaid to keep the ale flowing for your heroes during their downtime at the tavern between dungeon crawls! There are several layers allowing you to change the colour of various parts of her outfit and her hair, with thousands of possible combinations!
• Keeping with the elemental theme, the set includes markers with the Elemental Icons in activated and deactivated states. You could use them as part of a puzzle where heroes need to activate them in order to unlock something, or simply as a decoration or power-up. Layers allow you to customise the base texture to match any of those in our dungeon tiles sets, or our forthcoming Meadow set.

Get it from Papercraft Dungeon now! It's completely free!

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Megan said...

Rather fun - and a nice display of your command of PDF layers!

Review posted at RPGNow :)

Anonymous said...

I like it! thank you!

Beast Clark said...

Are you going to be making one for 2015, or 2016? Or maybe make one of the customization options a calendar for all the years?