Sunday, June 5, 2016

Paper minis set: Agents of the Gods

If you haven't already checked out the Papercraft Dungeon Facebook page, you should! We put out a free mini there almost every week.

When we've got six or so that go together well, we bundle them into a set, and add a seventh mini exclusive to the set! The most recent one contains a  a few priests, monks and the exclusive figure is swooping archangel! As the set is packed with clerics, priests and other messengers of the divine, this set is named "Agents of the Gods".

The set is available here!

We're extremely grateful to those of you who support us... It enables us to devote more time to these allowing us to put out better sets and release more stuff more often!

Miniatures in this set:
• Brother of the Fire
• Dark Elf Priestess
• Druid
• Dwarven Cleric
• Novice Cleric
• Prophet of Doom
• Swooping Archangel
The set also includes an artbook which has lots of photos of the minis in action, and includes nice high resolution copies of the artwork for each character. The artbook also includes a lot of sketchbook art that explains a little of the design process that went into each character.

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