Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Paper minis set: Into the Wild!

We've bundled several of the latest minis into a single convenient set. There's also a brand new exclusive figure in the form of a Young Green Dragon!
The set is named "Into the Wild" and is packed with things to encounter while travelling through the wilderness!

The set is available here: www.rpgnow.com/product/187731/Kevs-Lounge-Paper-Minis-Into-the-Wild

We're extremely grateful to those of you who support us... It enables us to devote more time to these allowing us to put out better sets and release more stuff more often!

Into the Wild Group Shot

Miniatures in this set:
• Froglodyte
• Ranger
• Wood Elf Sentinel
• Young Green Dragon
• Half-Orc Barbarian
• Satyr
• Leprechaun

The set also includes an artbook which has lots of photos of the minis in action, and includes nice high resolution copies of the artwork for each character. The artbook also includes a lot of sketchbook art that explains a little of the design process that went into each character.

artbook pages
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