Friday, July 17, 2009

Free Dungeon Doors for use with 25mm Miniatures

This is the first set of Dungeon Door standees for use with my Flagstone Dungeon Tiles. This set was built with low level dungeons in mind, and for that reason I've designed the doors to look simple and rustic. The kinds of doors you might expect to find on a farmer's cottage or inside an old mine. These doors are old and just a little rotten. You could break 'em down with your bare hands if you didn't mind spending hours picking out the splinters. These should be useful to anyone who uses 25mm miniatures in their games of Dungeons and Dragons, or Warhammer. These would be perfect for a subterranean variation of Mordheim when you get bored of fighting in broken down buildings.

As with the Dungeon tile sets I've included a few extras like a marker for a hole in the wall and a shelf packed with books and other odds and ends that the villain might have in store for the heroes.

This is the first set of many planned Dungeon Door sets... In the future you can expect to see some wooden doors in a more grand style, iron doors, stone doors and concealed and secret doors.

Download Kev's Lounge: Free "Simple Wooden" Dungeon Doors at Papercraft Dungeon


Page 1: 5 x Closed "Simple Wooden" Dungeon Door Standees.

Page 2: 1 x "Simple Wooden" Dungeon Door with Blade Trap Standee, 1 x Ajar "Simple Wooden" Dungeon Door Standee, 1 x Bolted "Simple Wooden" Dungeon Door Standee, 2 x Locked "Simple Wooden" Dungeon Door Standees.

Page 3: 1 x Necromancer's Shelf Standee, 1 x Hole in the Wall Standee, 1 x Bead Curtain Entranceway Standee, 2 x Broken "Simple Wooden" Dungeon Door Standees.

Download Kev's Lounge: Free "Simple Wooden" Dungeon Doors

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