Monday, August 3, 2009

Free Open Dungeon Door Standees for use with 25mm Miniatures

This is an add-on to the Simple Wooden Dungeon Doors Set, rather than a full set in it's own right. It contains 3 papercraft door standees representing open dungeon doors. These are slightly more complex than the doors in the main set and it takes some patience and care to put these together, but if you have had any experience with papercraft modelling you should find putting these together is not too difficult. These should be useful to anyone who uses 25mm miniatures in their games of Dungeons and Dragons, or Warhammer. These would be perfect for a subterranean variation of Mordheim when you get bored of fighting in broken down buildings.

The PDF contains a single page with all the parts needed to make 3 Open Dungeon Door Standees.

Download Kev's Lounge: Free Open "Simple Wooden" Dungeon Door Standees at Papercraft Dungeon

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In the dungeons danger lurks behind every door!
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