Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gothic Coffins - Papercraft scenery for RPGs and tabletop miniatures games

Here we go with a brand new set of papercraft scenery for RPGs and miniature wargames! Going with a dark and gothic theme, that ties in with the May of the Dead Carnival we're participating in, we have some really great-looking, gothic-style coffins!

A single printing will give you 5 sealed caskets, and 5 open ones.  The detail is sharp and intricate, and highly customisable, thanks to layers in the PDFs. There are literally hundreds of possible combinations. There is also a fully illustrated instruction manual optimised for screen view to save you ink, and bookmarked for easy navigation.

Get the Gothic Coffins at Papercraft Dungeon now!  Free until the end of May 2012!

These nifty little caskets are suitably scaled for use with 28-30mm miniatures.They will add a ton of atmosphere next time your adventuring party goes crawling around in a dank, dark crypt.

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papercraftsquare said...

Thanks for your design!

I shared this papercraft on my collection blog:

RIPCRD said...

Wow, those coffins look nice. Lots of other papercraft freebies there too. I loaded up as I intend to build the Fat Dragon dungeon. You've got some cool tokens that FD doesn't and some nice add-ons.