Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kev's Lounge Counters MegaBundle

We've created a bundle of all the free and premium Kev's Lounge Counter Sets, and it's over at Papercraft Dungeon right now. Until the end of June it will be going for just 99c, which is what you'd pay if you got all of the sets individually, but as an added bonus, you will get the Brilliant Cut Diamonds currency counters, which are only available through this bundled deal! All in all, the bundle includes artwork for 61 unique counters for use in your games.

Get the Kev's Lounge Counters Megabundle at Papercraft Dungeon now!

 The Brilliant Cut Diamonds currency counters, exclusive to this bundle:

There comes a point in every campaign, when buying a magic item suited to your level means that you'd need to spend millions of Gold Pieces. So you head off to Magic Items 'R' Us with your 20 000 bags of holding packed to bursting with gold, along with 20 000 porters to carry it all and walk out with your new, shiny Vorpal Sword of Elder God Slaying +17... Or you could skip the porters and bags of holding, and just deal in diamonds. This set of counters is designed to make it easier to keep track of your diamonds in Dungeons and Dragons and other fantasy RPGs. I've designed them in such a way as to make it very easy to get nice attractive double sided counters that are perfectly lined up. Single sided counters are a pain when they're upside down!

The set comes in 5 denominations: 1, 5, 10, 50 and 100. You'll want at least 4 each of the 1's and 10's for each player and a bucket load of 100's if your players are the Rockefellers of your fantasy realm and need to keep track of really high volumes of cash.
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