Wednesday, June 6, 2012

First preview of the Luxurious Lair set: Tower Dungeon Tiles

A while back, in this post, I mentioned that there was a new premium dungeon set coming up. That set, The Luxurious Lair, is slowly nearing completion and I can show you a little of what we have in store for you now.

This set could stand as a home base for the heroes, or as the headquarters of the villainous mastermind they're hunting down. It contains a bunch of 3d papercraft furniture and scenery pieces to represent the various areas you'd expect to find in a pseudo-medieval HQ, which we've narrowed down to The Kitchen/Eating Area, Sleeping Quarters and The War Room/Study, along with a brand new set of dungeon tiles which can be used to represent a multi-level tower to house it all in.

Right now, we're busy going through the various bits and pieces and improving the overall quality of the items we plan to include and adding some new ones as we go. We plan to release this set before the end of June, and will be updating you with various new shots as we complete the pieces for each section, but for today we're going to show you a little preview of the Luxurious Lair's awesome Tower themed Dungeon Tiles 

Like those of its predecessor, The Ominous Storeroom, The Luxurious Lair's dungeon tiles come in a layered PDF which gives you a variety of floor textures to choose from. There are quite a few different layers in this one, and the result is that there are literally hundreds of possible combinations. As you can see, we've also included the options of a 1-inch grid and a 1.5-inch grid for those who use them. The set will be completely compatible with all existing Kev's Lounge Dungeon Tile sets, and will work especially well with The Ominous Storeroom. It also includes the Rocklands texture as an option for the outdoor ground, so it's compatible with those sets too.

As you'd expect from a set of Kev's Lounge Dungeon Tiles, there are some brand new 2D markers, which can be customised to match the floor of your dungeons. These are in addition to the 3D furniture pieces in the set. This being the Luxurious Lair, the markers are exquisitely detailed and add a touch of opulence to the scene with things like a bearskin rug, a huge persian carpet and a moderately sized pool. As you can see in the pics, we've also given you some nifty papercraft spiral staircases to show the way to the next level of the tower.

The set is designed to create a tower battlemap, but it goes far beyond that. As mentioned before, the set is completely compatible with the other Kev's Lounge Dungeon Tile sets, and can be used to create non-square rooms as you see above, where we've used some tiles from the Ominous Storeroom set with this one to create a long room with rounded corners.

There are more photos in the Luxurious Lair preview album on our Facebook page.

If you just can't wait for this set to come out, why not get a copy of The Ominous Storeroom in the mean time?

Miniatures used in pictures are strictly for illustration purposes and are not included in the purchase.
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