Monday, October 29, 2012

Just a quick update!

It's been a fairly hectic couple of months since my last update here, and I thought I should just say something to let everyone know what's been going on. Most of my attention has been on ironing out some huge kinks in my commercial art business and that's been swallowing up pretty much every spare second of my time. I've recently gotten back into the swing of things, and have gotten down to wrapping up some of the many Kev's Lounge sets that have been sitting in limbo.

First up, I've got this new set: Hero's Hall that is just packed with awesome stuff! Update: It's out now!.

Regulars here will be asking "what happened to the Luxurious Lair set you spoke about last time?". Simple answer is that that is still coming, but I'm not entirely happy with some of the pieces and I want to give it another look before putting it out there. Hero's Hall was mostly ready to go, so I decided to release it first. The Luxurious Lair will finally make an appearance at some time around the end of November, and will be followed soon after by some of the other interesting ideas I've been working on forever that are almost ready to see the light of day.
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