Friday, November 16, 2012

Character Portrait: Town's Guard Captain

Something a little different today, but I think I'll get in the habit of doing this in the future. Here we have a drawing I created well over a decade ago for use in the AD&D campaign I ran when I was in high school back in the 90s... Back then, when I had a ton of time on my hands, I had taken to drawing little portraits of the various NPCs that the player's characters would meet along their adventures. Representing the NPCs visually did a lot to make them more memorable, and I know a lot of folks out there are doing the same thing in their campaigns, so I'm going to share the various drawings I've made over the years here for their benefit.

This character originates in a very old AD&D module, The Secret of Bone Hill, as one of the guards of Restenford. I think this particular version of him was used while running a sequel to that module that I found in a copy of Dungeon magazine. The drawing's not the greatest I've ever managed, it was done back when I was still a teenager after all, but I think it's still kinda characterful. It's also generic enough to represent a wide range of NPC types that characters are likely to meet.

Next in the series is a stunning female rogue. I also have a couple other sample drawings in this post that could easily serve the same purpose.
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