Friday, November 23, 2012

Character Portrait: Female Rogue

 Keeping this series moving forward, I present the second of our character portraits. This one is far more recent than the last, having been sketched in February of this year, and you can see I've come quite a long way in decade and a half since that guard captain got drawn. This young lady also differs in that she wasn't drawn for use in a campaign, but this is in fact a character concept from a story I've been working on.

 She doesn't have a name yet, but I'm leaning towards Tanith, because it sounds suitably exotic and, unless google's lying to me, it means "serpent lady" and is tied to an ancient middle eastern goddess of fertility and the moon and stars, which all fits in very well with my concept of a cat burglar who is deadly quick with her rapier, and just as lethal with her charm and wit. I figure she's a very pragmatic person, favouring logic over emotion in her decision making, and decisive and ruthless when she needs to be. I've tried to reflect this practical side of her in her sensible, but feminine choice of clothing. I also went for something a little piraty to reinforce the swashbuckler theme. Her weapon of choice is a swept hilt rapier which, like her, is elegant and beautiful, precise and artful, subtle and effective, quick and deadly.

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Unknown said...

Excellent portrait, love it

Unknown said...

Hi Kev,

Love the character sketch. Do you have any higher resolution images of this?