Sunday, September 25, 2016

Add this Fountain to your dungeons and towns!

This set has been a very long time coming! It took hundreds of hours and suffered dozens of delays while we improved the buildability and the design, but the end result is a beautiful centrepiece that will really look great on your gaming table!

Add this beautiful fountain to your towns and dungeons by getting a copy at Papercraft Dungeon!

As with our other papercraft models, this set is incredibly customisable with literally thousands of possible colour combinations! We've also included a simplified build so that novice (or impatient) crafters aren't left out.

An example of the complex build

An example of the simple build

A preview of some of the possible colour combinations offered by this set.

There's a detailed 30 page instruction manual that is fully illustrated and takes you through every step of the building process.
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