Thursday, January 26, 2017

New Kev's Lounge Paper Minis: Wondrous & Magical

The time has once again come to bundle some of our wondrously magical paper minis into a single convenient pack! This set also contains a brand new exclusive mini, the Magnanimous Djinni, possibly our biggest paper mini yet!

This set, named Wondrous & Magical is packed with creatures and creations of a magical nature is perfect for adding a touch of the mystical to your fantasy roleplaying sessions!

Kev's Lounge Paper Minis: Wondrous & Magical Cover

Kev's Lounge Paper Minis: Wondrous & Magical!

We're extremely grateful to those of you who support us... It enables us to devote more time to these allowing us to put out better sets and release more stuff more often!

Paper Minis - Wondrous & Magical Group Shot

Miniatures in this set:
• Iron Guardian
• Water Elemental
• Rising Phoenix
• Magnanimous Djinni
• Foreboding Spirit
• Gargoyle
• Faerie Dragon

The set also includes an artbook which has lots of photos of the minis in action, and includes nice high resolution copies of the artwork for each character. The artbook also includes a lot of sketchbook art that explains a little of the design process that went into each character.

artbook pages

Cutfiles coming soon!
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