Monday, November 7, 2016

Paper Minis Set: A Day at the Market

Between clearing out dungeons and braving the wilderness, a party of adventurers needs to stop in at town to rest up and restock! Being within the walls of the city does not mean that the adventure is over though... There is a lot of room to throw in a challenging encounter while they're in the middle of their shopping sprees and this set includes a nice variety of merchant NPCs perfect for those situations!

A Day at the Market Deluxe Edition CoverA Day in the Market Basic Edition Cover

The Basic Edition includes just a single version of each mini, giving you 6 unique designs for a nice low price. The Deluxe Edition has loads of customisation options allowing for a massive variety of minis, with tens of thousands of unique combinations.

Get them here:
• A Day at the Market: Deluxe Edition
• A Day at the Market: Basic Edition

A Day in the Market Deluxe Group Assortment
This set includes an apothecary who can supply the party with potions and oils, a herbalist who can mix up some poultices and remedies, a baker who can supply them with rations and food, a smith to do a variety of metal work and repairs and a pair of clerks who can help them out at any other store they land up in!

The figures are scaled to 28mm, and will look good alongside most popular brands of miniatures and all manner of 28mm scaled scenery. Each model has a distinctive front and back, and both sides feature rich and gorgeous detail. The detail is boosted by the high resolution of the PDF, and the colours have good contrast to make them pop at a distance!

Cutfiles are being worked on and will be available soon!
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