Saturday, December 1, 2012

Character Portrait: Arch-Wizard

Here we go with the third in the series of character portraits. This one is quite an old one and may, in fact, be the first digital painting I ever attempted.This was all done with a mouse, probably using Adobe Photoshop 5 (no, not CS5) on an Apple Mac G3 at some time around the year 2000. Sadly, the hard drive of that particular computer went and had a catastrophic failure, and I lost this artwork along with many other awesome things I'd worked on in my teenage years. Before that devastating first encounter with data loss, I'd been lucky enough to get an inkjet printout of the piece, and this is a scan of it. Unfortunately, this is not the finished version... the windows are still white.

This character's name was Sunambral. He was meant to be the big bad of the campaign I'd been running at that point in time. Very little was known about him prior to the party's first real encounter with him... only small clues were given when they defeated the minions he sent after them from time to time. They did eventually meet him and he manipulated them into solving a puzzle that had had him confounded despite his great intellect.The puzzle was quite cool, and involved a groteque fountain of blood. Solving said puzzle was integral to Sunambral's greater plan to free a bloodthirsty war god who had spent millenia in bondage and, had the campaign lasted beyond that adventure, the story would have become a race to prevent the forthcoming apocalypse. Alas, real life intervened and the campaign died, with that session being the last, and this powerful wizard never really had a chance to truly develop and become something memorable.

The first in this series, a town's guard captain, is here. Last week I gave you a gorgeous and dangerous female rogue. The next is a fearsome looking pitfighter!

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