Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Humble Hovel on special until December 25th!

 The Humble Hovel is a useful, customisable, and beautiful scenery piece perfect for use in role-playing games and tabletop wargames that use 28-30mm miniatures.

Get this set before December 25th, 2012 and save $2 on the regular price!

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With a removable roof, and walls, you can easily access the interior in the middle of a game. The design gives you a sturdy, attractive model that will certainly see a fair bit of use on your table!

This set is customisable to a great degree, allowing you to adjust it to suit your gaming needs, skill level and personal taste. With a variety of options for the outside grounds, inside floors, walls, doors, windows and rooves, there are literally hundreds of possible combinations.  Using just this one set, you could make an entire village of Humble Hovels, with no two of them being exactly alike!

One of the real attractions of the Humble Hovel is the awesome, intricate 3D details we've added. They add a ton of visual interest and realism for those out there who are up for the challenge! We've made the 3d details optional though, so those who don't want to fuss around with lots and lots of pieces, or just want to build the model quickly, can opt to turn it off and build a simpler version.
 Of course, the Humble Hovel is not just a pretty little cardboard house... it's there to be used while playing games! We've taken that into account in the design. For the games that use it, we've included an optional 1-Inch grid on the floor, which comes in two styles. The design of the piece makes it very sturdy and tough, despite the materials used to construct it, so it can handle a lot of the perils of being a piece of scenery! As mentioned before, the roof and walls are removable, to provide you easy access to the interior, should the action head indoors!

Buy The Humble Hovel at Papercraft Dungeon now!

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