Friday, December 28, 2012

Character Portrait: The Gambler

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A bit of background on this drawing:

This one is actually from a comic that I've been working on in my spare time over the last year or so, and you may have seen the scan of the pencil artwork before.

About the character:

This is Joaquin Carlos Villa-Lobos Sabara, but he is more commonly known as "Joker" or simply "Joe". He's a man of many diverse talents, ranging from pickpocketing to sweet talking, and he's even picked up a few tricks from the various schools of magic... He could have been a useful member of society in any of a hundred different ways, but being the lazy scoundrel he is, he's made a career for himself as a card cheat. Joe drifts from seedy bar to seedy bar, gambling and hustling and living a pretty good lifestyle off of his ill-gotten winnings and then moving on to the next town quickly before his reputation for winning can catch up to him and make his life tricky.

His persona's a little bit Inigo Montoya, a little bit Ramirez, and a little bit Antonio Banderas. I always did kinda picture him sounding a lot like Puss In Boots from the Shrek Movies!

The Kev's Lounge Friday Character Portraits is a weekly feature on this blog where I take a bit of art that I've created somewhere along the line for some or other purpose and present it along with a little bit of back story for you to use as in role playing games as hand-outs, or as inspiration for characters or NPCs.  Here are some more in the series:
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No character portrait next friday... Instead you get the first page of Live By The Sword, the comic I mentioned earlier!

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