Friday, December 7, 2012

Character Portrait: Pit Fighter

Presenting Character Portrait #4... This pit fighter was drawn at around the same time as the Female Rogue, and is, in fact, a character from a different arc of the same story. The concept and look of the character were at least partly inspired by a miniature that I once threw together from various bits from the plastic Games Workshop sprues, for use in one of our many Mordheim campaigns.

This pit fighter fights under the name "Kurga the Orc". In this universe, the pit fighting scene is a little like wrestling in the modern world, except that the fights are completely real and injuries and death are completely likely. Like modern day wrestlers, the pit fighters adopt personas, and play those up for the sake of the crowd. Kurga is just a particularly large human, but his character in the pit is a savage beast known for his ferocity and his infamous skull faced helmet, prone to guttural roars as he swings his enormous barbaric axe with surprising speed and formidable skill. He's racked up an impressive list of victories over the years, and has cut short the careers and lives of many who were unfortunate enough to be paired against him... His fame (or perhaps infamy) is so wide spread that even in the more civilised parts of the world where pitfighting is taboo, if not completely illegal, his presence in a match-up is guaranteed to draw vast crowds.

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