Saturday, December 15, 2012

Character Portrait: Skeleton Pirate

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Shiver me timbers, it's the fifth of our Character Portraits! I was originally planning to dig something old out from the collection, but I had second thoughts and instead I give you something completely new! This guy was drawn very recently, (just a couple weeks ago, in fact) and a modified version of the artwork appears in our new set of paper miniatures: Skeleton Scallywags, available at Papercraft Dungeon right now!

He has yet to make an appearance in a game, but I've taken to calling him Jolly Roger because he's just such a cheerful-looking bloke with that perpetual smile on his face, and because he's a pirate, of course. There's something really appealing about an undead pirate, and I guess it's that they're more of a swash-buckling action-adventure kind of creature than a horror movie cliche, which is what your regular brand of walking dead have become. It's either that, or it's just the way they bring back all those fun memories of playing Monkey Island as a kid.

The Kev's Lounge Friday Character Portraits is a weekly feature on this blog where I take a bit of art that I've created somewhere along the line for some or other purpose and present it along with a little bit of back story for you to use as in role playing games as hand-outs, or as inspiration for characters or NPCs.  Here are some more in the series:
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