Friday, January 18, 2013

Character Portrait: The Flirtatious Barmaid

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A bit of background on this drawing:

This young lady is a minor character in the first chapter of Live By The Sword, our newly started comic.She's already made a background appearance in the first panel of the first page. This particular drawing of her is a cleaned up version of her character concept sketch that I'll be using in an upcoming set of paper miniatures.

About the character:

Cassandra is one of the more popular young barmaids at the Green Dragon, a small tavern near the docks. Her friendly demeanour and innocently pretty face get her a lot of attention and affection, and are certainly among the chief reasons that the Green Dragon is never short on customers.  She's not just a pretty face though, and she's not nearly as angelic as her virtuous smile suggests. She's cunning, educated and smart; and indeed, when she first realised that the boys found her attractive while growing up she thought to herself "I can use this to my advantage!" and she's never failed to do just that. Apart from all the coin she's garnered from overly-generous young sailors eager to please her, working at a dockside tavern puts her in a good position to gather a wealth of information, with so many travellers from so many lands passing through its doors. She realised early on that that kind of knowledge was very valuable to certain interested parties, and makes a very tidy profit on the side by selling it.

Kev's Lounge Friday Character Portraits is a weekly feature on this blog where I take a bit of art that I've created somewhere along the line for some or other purpose and present it along with a little bit of back story for you to use as in role playing games as hand-outs, or as inspiration for characters or NPCs.  Here are some more in the series:
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No character portrait next friday... Instead you get the second page of Live By The Sword, there will be another the week after however.

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